Metering Systems and Technology

Sensible Solutions for Practical Problems

Individual Dosing Systems

Tailored stationary or mobile dosing systems, which still may be customized for changing missions.

Technical Advice for Pumps and Accessories

We document your case scenario and recommend appropriate pumps and Accessories.

Spare Parts for Iwaki, Etatron, Dosatron and KSB

Spare parts for pumps and accessories sometimes also hunting for obsolescent parts.


Using the technology basis of our partners Dosatron, Iwaki, Etatron, and KSB we propose solutions for your fluid process problems. In many cases ready to use modules are available.

Not to mention all parts are designed for

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phone or E-mail

Your needs  will be handled by our professional staff.

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Emergency exchange and repair service for 

pumps and accessories.

On request pumps and spare parts are sent by express service.


Metering System Applications

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Metal Working

High precision, high speed and low production costs are essential for competitive metal working. But one of its pillars are reliable pumps for cooling and lubrication fluids.

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Water Treatment - Sewer Processing

Reliability and precision is essentiell to maintain legal standards and allowed threshholds.

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Horticulture and Agriculture

For modern agriculture a broad spectrum of pump and pump technology is available

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Printing Plants

The final quality of newspapers and books, heavily rely on the appropriate amount of water and additives in many steps of the print process.

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Livestoock Breeding 

Clean hygienic animal houses, perfectly mixed drinking water are  two key factors where pumps and dosing are strongly involved.

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Food Industry

Food processing needs a hygienic environment. Cleaning and production processes rely on excellent pumps.


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Car Wash

Reliable metering pumps are one of the backbones of economic, and proper operation of car wash with fully automatic systems, but also as accessories of high pressure cleaners on manual car wash stations.

More than 500 leading companies rely on our products.

Numerous automotive, and metal working companies use our products on a daily base and rely on our professional service.