profluid® Analytik-Bedarf

Products for the KSS professional.

Benefit from our many years of experience with the analysis of cooling lubricants and fluids, cleaners, lubricants and materials.

Our analytical products are specially designed for self-monitoring and

are based on many years of practical experience.

Experience with machining, machine cleaning and in the laboratory.

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The profluid®KSS Combi Test -

Economic self-monitoring

water-mixed KSS with 3in1

Test strips.

With the KSS Combi Test you measure nitrite content, water hardness and pH value in cooling lubricants with only one test strip.

The profluid®CorrSet

Corrosion due to

water-mixed cooling lubricants

quickly, easily and efficiently.

Test your water-mixed cooling lubricants with the profluid CorrSet and avoid corrosion on steel and grey cast iron parts of your machines. Avoid costs caused by the wrong use of cleaner or coolant media.

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profluid® KSS-Checkbox

The profluid®Checkbox - 

The suitcase for the practitioner

All 7 parameters at a glance.

Everything that is important for ambulant coolant care and monitoring, in one box.

- KSS combined test for nitrite, pH and water hardness
- Corrset (corrosion test according to DIN51360-2)
- Dipslides for the determination of fungi or bacteria
- ATC refractometer (copper body)
- Raaco Tool Box
- USB stick with profluid®KSS management.

Enough space to store all samples without the need for
dirt-prone foam insert.

The profluid® grey cast iron chips

standard according to DIN51360-2

The test to effectively prevent corrosion on iron and steel products, tools and machines. With grey cast iron chips, the corrosion protection properties of water-mixed cooling lubricants (KSS), cleaners, cooling and quenching media can be precisely tested.

Graugussspäne DIN 51360-2
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Special price

Hand refractometer with temperature compensation for water-mixed cooling lubricants
Base material copper, measuring range 0-20 °Brix
Price: 40,00 € plus 19% VAT

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