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Drinking water testing and sampling

according to VDI6023-A / DIN EN ISO 19458

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Drinking water tests according to VDI 6023-A.

Water or H2O is the superstar among molecules.
Water, more than any other medium, determines the cycle of life on our planet. For the development of human civilization, clean water was and is "the" key factor. No wonder when you consider that, for example, in the temperate European climate, an adult human needs about 1.5-2.5 liters of water per day to remain efficient and healthy.
Water rarely occurs in nature in its pure state, usually containing proportions of dissolved salts, gases, organic compounds and microorganisms.
Depending on its composition and degree of purity, water is either beneficial or harmful to health, and therefore requires extensive purification and sterilization for human consumption.
In Germany, regulations and limit values for drinking water are laid down in the Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV) and in the "General Ordinance for the Supply of Water" (AVBWasserV).
The respective state of the art for the construction and operation of drinking water supply systems is summarized in DIN 2000.

Benefits of regular drinking water monitoring.

Legal safeguards for operators of drinking water installations and supply systems landlords, facility managers, event organizers and employers who are obligated are to conduct regular testing of drinking water
General reduction of diseases caused by contaminated drinking water. Causes of contamination can be chemical (e.g. lead) or microbiological (e.g. Legionella, Clostridia).
Regularly inspected drinking water installations ensure high drinking water quality and provide early indications of plant problems  (corrosion, energy waste)
Preventing claims for damages against the system operator in the event of illness or restrictions on use (rent reduction).

Profluid with claim to the goal

Since 2010, profluid employees have been certified according to VDI6023-A and accredited for approved test laboratories (accredited according to ISO 17025 and listed in the state list for drinking water testing laboratories) act as samplers. The on-site drinking water installations are examined and the samples are analyzed in the laboratory for the relevant parameters such as legionella, total germ count or heavy metals. As our customers, you will receive the results of your drinking water analysis - in addition to the original laboratory documents - in structured test reports, which after systematic evaluation often provide valuable information on plant problems (corrosion, dead or stub pipes). The results are securely stored in our own HixDB and comply with legal requirements. (location Germany) stored accordingly. .
Beyond sampling, we support you with many years of experience in solving problems on site. profluid GmbH operates independently of plant manufacturers and laboratory companies and can therefore act as a neutral consultant. Even in the case of old plants - often with inadequate plant documentation - we have already been able to help numerous customers together with the sanitary contractors involved, without tearing up walls or floors. Even problems that are not obvious at first glance, such as legionella, heavy metals or even excessive energy consumption are essential for our investigation. From the elimination of unused stub lines, recommendations for a total renovation to system disinfection with chlorine dioxide - we are happy to advise you. Our clients include facility managers, building operators, public institutions and landlords.

In our HixDB database system, the results of tests and risk assessments are securely archived on servers within Germany and available online at any time.
For your inspection report, you will receive a detailed list of deficiencies and associated recommendations for action for you on site.
After awarding the contract, we will inform them in time about all the necessary steps for a smooth process of drinking water testing.
We ensure the highest quality through our samplers certified according to VDI6023-A and. through our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.

Services according to the Drinking Water Ordinance and the VDI6023 for drinking water installations

The conflicts of interest described in the standard are fundamentally excluded at profluid, since neither

laboratory tests nor plant installations/maintenance are part of our fields of activity. 

  • Review and control of the plant documentation, in particular the string diagram for determining the sampling points.

  • Performing the initial inspection and establishing future inspection intervals    

  • Documentation in the form of a report of all identified hygiene-related and design-related weaknesses.

  • Microbiological examination at the identified control points.  

  • Investigation of the samples taken by a laboratory accredited according to VDI6023-A.

  • Detailed report of all deficiencies and identified problems with subsequent recommendations for action to  adequately address these deficiencies as part of a risk assessment .

  • Legal safeguarding by securing the results. of hygiene inspection and drinking water sampling according to VDI 6023 in . the HixDB  

Notes: Significant technical/structural interventions in existing drinking water installations require a new initial inspection. Technical defects of existing installations that lead to hygienic problems are not covered by grandfathering..
The intervals for repeat inspections and the scope of testing are regulated by the German Drinking Water Ordinance.  The operator of a drinking water supply system or installation is responsible for testing and maintenance.

All results are stored in a secure data center within Germany. Daily backups ensure secure, long-term availability of your data. Access is possible online at any time via protected access.

After sampling, questions often arise about the technical and/or hygienic solution of problems. We are happy to support you in this. It makes sense to develop a joint strategy with all those responsible for rapid and conflict-free implementation. As a result of the problem analysis, we quickly arrive at concrete proposals for action to avoid problems with compliance with the TWVO in the future.

We are independent and provide neutral advice.

Note: These measures are taken after consultation with the competent health authority, which according to the TWVO in case of problems with limit value exceedances in drinking water tests in any case to be switched on. Corresponding notifications are usually already made by the commissioned testing laboratory.

In the event of microbiological problems in drinking water installations, the installations are first examined for technical weaknesses (in particular stub lines, long interruptions in use, corrosion and deposits, and temperature problems in hot water supply systems). In addition, flushing the system with chlorine dioxide solutions has proven effective as a stop-gap measure until the technical deficiencies are corrected. (Chlorine dioxide solutions are approved for the purpose of disinfecting drinking water systems. (It is highly recommended to have the pipes cleaned by a specialized company before disinfection).

Beste Qualität trifft lösungsorientertes Know-How  

With our HixDB database system, we ensure complete documentation

To put it in a nutshell

The advantages of profluid drinking water testing.

                              In our HiXDB ® database you can retrieve the results of your test reports at any time. In this way, we actively support you in complying with the legal documentation requirement for the regular inspection of drinking water installations. Our test reports are clearly structured and prepared for high quality requirements. Besides necessary measures there are also optional recommendations for action stored here, which can be derived from the reports. Thus, these reports provide you with an up-to-date inventory of your entire drinking water installation and a feeling of security on top!

                              "If you have problems, you are not alone!
                              We get all the responsible parties around the table and consult together on what measures will lead to improvements"

                                Profit from our know-how.

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