Grey Cast Iron Corrosion Test = KSS - CorrSet

Test the corrosion protection properties of water-soluble cooling lubricants and cleaners easily and efficiently with the profluid CorrSet

profluid® CorrSet

The quick test for your workshop.

Corrosion of steal, cast iron parts of machining centers and/or products often can be traced back to wrong conditions == low corrsion inhibition of cleaning agents or metal working fluids (MWF). Costs may be substantial. 
With our CorrSet a quick check of water based MWF's, cleaners and quenching media is performed directly in the workshop within 2 h. No special qualification beside literacy for the SOP is needed. Results are identical to the well known German Grey Cast Iron Corrosion Test (DIN51360 Teil 2).

The interationally well known German Grey Cast Iron Corrosion Test (DIN 51360-2) is usually performed by specialized analytical laboratories. However this may cause expensive lags.

profluid CorrSet yields the same result in 2h, without further equipment. Packed in a sturdy small box you get 11 portions of grey cast iron chips, together with pipetes, petri dishes and filter paper, ready to yield the answer in 2h. Take  a sample from a well mixed position fill into the small bag with the chips, discard the chip bag onto the filter and smoothly distribute the chips. Close the petri dish for 2 h. Discard the chips, and compare the eventually appearing dark rust spots with the evaluation scheme.
That's all. Now check for concentration, pH, ...  and reestablish corrosion inhibition!

All its advantages at a glance

Fast test execution in 2h

The test is already prepared and only needs to be brought into contact with the medium to be tested.

Can be carried out directly and completely on the machine with all accessories 

All materials required for the test such as pipettes, operating instructions and scissors are included with the Corrset.

Based on DIN 51360-2

The result or the classification obtained corresponds to the result according to DIN 51360-2.

Uncomplicated testing of corrosion protection properties


Howto track corrosion with Corrset

Fast testing process

  • Cut open the bag containing the chips

  • Simply pipette in the sample

Tilt the grey cast iron chips into the Petri dish onto the filter.

Tip wet grey cast iron chips into the petri dish on the filter and distribute evenly with the edge of the bag. Close the petri dish and let stand for 2 h in a protected area (such as a drawer).

Remove filter, shake off chips, rinse with clear water.

 Remove the round filter from the petri dish, shake out the chips, and flush briefly with clear water. If necessary, briefly dip the round filter in methylated spirit (acetone can be used for quicker drying – use caution, as both solvents can produce flammable vapors). Allow to dry and compare with the evaluation diagram.

  A simple inspection can avoid high follow-up costs!

Within only 2 hours you receive the first result with the CorrSet.