Test the corrosion protection properties of water-soluble cooling lubricants and cleaners easily and efficiently with the profluid CorrSet

Corrosion on steel and grey cast iron parts of machines and/or products is frequently caused by errors in using cleaners or cooling lubricant media. Subsequent costs can often be significant.  The CorrSet can be used to inspect the corrosive properties of water and cooling lubricant blends and cleaners even outside of a laboratory in about 2 hours. The test is based on the well-known grey cast iron chip test (DIN51360-2).

Typically, grey cast iron chips (GG25) are used to complete the fluid inspection in accordance with DIN 51360-2 in a specialist laboratory. Unfortunately, this often results in significant loss of time. Even in the laboratory, it takes a large amount of work to provide the necessary testing materials, since this routine test is performed only rarely. The CorrSet is designed to help avoid these weaknesses. You will receive a small box containing 11 complete Sets that can be used right away. All you need to do is take the sample. The sets also include simple instructions and an evaluation diagram. That makes the CorrSet easy to use by anyone.

CorrSet at a glance

Based on test according to DIN 51360-2

Das Ergebnis bzw. die erhaltene Einstufung  entspricht dem Ergebnis nach DIN 51360-2

Fast testing process

Cut open the bag containing the chips

Pipette the sample into it

Pipette included

Tip wet grey cast iron chips into the petri dish on the filter

Tip wet grey cast iron chips into the petri dish on the filter and distribute evenly with the edge of the bag. Close the petri dish and let stand for 2 h in a protected area (such as a drawer).

Remove filter, shake off chips, rinse with clear water.

 Remove the round filter from the petri dish, shake out the chips, and flush briefly with clear water. If necessary, briefly dip the round filter in methylated spirit (acetone can be used for quicker drying – use caution, as both solvents can produce flammable vapors). Allow to dry and compare with the evaluation diagram.

  A simple inspection can avoid high follow-up costs!

Within only 2 hours you receive the first result with the CorrSet.