Doseuro Srl A-125N-38/F-19 Motor metering pump A0E038301911100

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    Pump type: piston | Max. Max. pressure in bar: 9 | Max. flow rate in l/h: 50 | Pump head: SS.316L | Piston: SS.316L | Motor power: 0.18 kW | Supply voltage: 230V

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    Doseuro Srl E/P DOS. A-125N-38/F-19 - - 4/1PH-230/50 Metring dosing pump A0E03830191111100

    Product number: A0E03830191111100

    Manufacturer pump key: E/P DOS. A-125N-38/F-19 - - 4/1PH-230/50.

    Pump key nameplate: A-125N-38/F-19

    All standard models are equipped with a reduction gear with a vertically mounted electric motor. The reduction gear consists of a worm gear lubricated in an oil bath and ball bearings. The stroke can be adjusted manually when the pump is stationary or in operation, or automatically via a 4-20mA signal controlled electric drive, various BUS signals or a pneumatic actuator. In addition, all dosing pumps are coated with a cathodic dip coating to increase corrosion resistance in offshore applications or with outgassing dosing media and to protect the housing against corrosion. Series A plunger metering pumps are used in the following cases: - The pumped liquid does not contain solids. - The system does not have to be 100% tight. - A particularly high pressure is required.


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    Tech. Details

    Product information
    Product InformationProduct names.Metring dosing pump.
    Product number
    Pump key
    E/P DOS. A-125N-38/F-19 - - 4/1PH-230/50
    Technical specifications
    Pump type. Piston
    Max. Pressure in bar 9
    Max delivery rate in l/h. 50
    Adjustment range: 0 - 100 %
    Connection: 1/2" BSP male
    Environmental temperature. -20 °C to +40 °C.
    Pump head. SS.316L
    Piston SS.316L
    Piston seal. FPM
    Membrane -
    Valve ball. SS.316L
    Valve seat. SS.316L
    Valve seal. FPM
    Electrical data
    Engine performance. 0,18 kW
    Net frequency. 50 Hz
    Power supply voltage. 230V.
    Gross/net weight. 8.5
    Country of origin. Italy
    Tariff number. 84135040

    Detail description

    Piston metering pumps with return spring

    Piston pumps are reliable and easy to maintain and can also be equipped with seal cleaning or leakage recovery (optional).

    In addition, they comply with the ATEX directives and can therefore be used in potentially explosive atmospheres (only on request).

    Wide range of materials for the delivery head: STAINLESS STEEL 316L; PVC; PP; PVDF; PTFE; other materials on request.