Dosatron D8IL5EXAF Proportional Feeder

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Seal: AF | metering rate [%]: 1 - 5 | ratio: 1:100-1:20 | l/h: 500 - 8000 | min/max pressure [bar]: 0.15-8bar

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Dosatron D8IL5EXAF Proportional Feeder

Partnumber: D8IL5EXAF

Dosatron Industry Line ATEX D8IL5EX

Worker safety in the workplace is becoming a major concern for employers, and initiatives around the world are increasing to contribute to it. ATEX, IECEx, INMETRO, EAC, CN-Ex, UL, etc. are certification programmes that ensure the safety of users in hazardous atmosphere environments. At the European level, any manufacturer who wants to offer a hardware solution for use in potentially explosive atmospheres must comply with the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU. Industrial processes developed for the pharmaceutical industry, the chemical industry, mining, wastewater management, refinery operations or industrial painting include numerous dosing stations that are dimensioned according to the application. Once the dosing needs are expressed in an ATEX environment, the range of available solutions is significantly reduced, taking into account the constraints to be respected. World leader in proportional dosing solutions without electricity and with 45 years of experience in industrial dosing, Dosatron meets the requirements of ATEX regulations in zone 0 or 20. Dosatron technology enables in-line dosing without electricity of a wide range of additives used in industry, whether liquid or soluble, acid or alkaline, liquid or viscous. As a simplified alternative to equivalent electrical technologies, it guarantees a high level of accuracy while helping to optimise construction and maintenance budgets.


Models. Administration rate % Ratio Water throughput
(liter/h) min/max print
D3IL3000EX 0.03 -0.3 1:3333-1:3331 10 - 3000 0.3-6bar
D3IL2EX 0.2 -2 1:500 -1:50 10 - 3000 0.3-6bar
D3IL5EX 0.5 -5 1:200 -1:20 10 - 3000 0.3-6bar
D3IL10EX 1 -10 1:100 -1:10 10 - 3000 0.3-6bar
D8IL3000EX 0.03 -0.125 1:3333-1:125 500 - 8000 0.15-8bar
D8IL2EX 0.2 -2 1:500-1:50 500 - 8000 0.15-8bar
D8IL5EX 1 - 5 1:100-1:20 500 - 8000 0.15-8bar


Water flow rate 500 - 8000 l/h

Dosage proportional to water flow

Optional with ON/OFF function, manual or hydraulic

Adjustable dosage 0.2 - 5%

Integrated homogenisation

Working pressure 0.15 - 8 bar

Additional dosing independent of water pressure, water flow rate and pipe length

Drive: water flow and pressure


Measure: volumetric hydraulic motor

dosing: steady proportional feed of the liquid or soluble concentrate

Regulate: Proportionality servo-controlled via water flow rate

Mixing: constant homogenisation in Dosatron