Probably the most comprehensive and best quality KSS care case on the market.

The most important information for the "ambulant" monitoring of water of mixed cooling lubricants in a BOX.

profluid® KSS-Checkbox

Cooling lubricant Care made easy

Riecht es muffig neben Ihrer Maschine? Stinkt es sobald die KSS-Pumpe anspringt? Rosten die Führungsbahnen oder die Produkte?
Haben Sie oder Kollegen Hautprobleme? Bildet die Maschine Schaum? Ist die BG interessiert?*

Poorly maintained water-mixed KSS can do all that

but it's in your hand.

With our products you recognize problems, and grasp them.

lösen sie, bevor es ernst wird.

1 hour machine breakdown 150€

1 sick day due to inability to work 300€

1 extra machine cleaning 300€

in total 750€

More than our KSS tools for one year on 10 machines!

*This list does not claim to be complete!

Die KSS - Checkbox ist die Summe unserer Innovationen

 Folgende Produkte sind in der KSS-Checkbox vereint:

          profluid® KSS Kombitest (100 Tests) 

          Regular cooling lubricant monitoring in accordance with TRGS 611 and sound treatment of the water-mixed cooling lubricants considerably reduces operating costs and helps prevent occupational illnesses.

          Der KSS-Kombitest misst Nitritgehalt, Wasserhärte und pH-Wert in Kühlschmierstoffen mit nur einem Teststäbchen.

          Odoo • Image and Text

          hand refractometer

          Water-mixed cleaners or cooling lubricants can deliver perfect results, but only if the concentration is right.

          Handheld refractometers are the simplest measuring instrument for determining the concentration of water-mixed coolants and cleaning agents.

          Profluid® CorrSet Tests

          Corrosion on steel, grey cast iron or machine parts and products?

          Profluid® CorrSet is a simplified grey cast iron swarf test

          based on DIN 51360-2 for the monitoring of the

          Corrosion protection properties of water-mixed KSS in 2h.

          profluid® CorrSet

          Dipslides for the determination of germs and yeasts or fungal germs

          Führen Sie die Kontrolle selbst durch:

          Is your KSS infected with fungi or bacteria?

          When it stinks, it´s often too late for countermeasures.

          For the easy self-performable microbiological Hygiene control

          and monitoring of liquids or Surfaces. Back to back

          on a strap sits a pale yellow Caso agar culture medium

          for the total bacterial count Bacteria with a pink Rose Bengal

           mit ein rosa Rose-Bengal-Nährboden für Pilze und Hefen.

          profluid®KSS Management

          A good documentation and a good routine are the

          The key to success in handling cooling lubricants.

          1 USB key: Excel templates for documentation,

          Information on cooling lubricant care and work processes

          for the machine cleaning, ready for your certification

          or your QM;

          profluid® KSS-Checkbox

            • The small original raaco® box offers space for samples and tools;

            • easy to clean, smooth surfaces - no foam inserts that get dirty quickly;

            • stable, stable and stackable;

            • keine Schaumstoffeinlage - weniger Staub und Schmutz


              • 15 pipettes for refractometer and CorrSet, 5 clean sample bottles for shipment to the laboratory1 felt-tip pen, 1 ballpoint pen, 1 small pair of scissors;

              In short, our profluid® KSS checkbox contains all the tools you need for fast cooling lubricant maintenance, neatly arranged, stable and neatly packed in the original raaco® Compact 20 box made of polypropylene.

              The individual parts can be reordered.

              raaco® registered trademark of raaco AS Denmark;

              profluid® geschütztes Markenzeichen der profluid GmbH, Deutschland;

              500+ companies in operation benfit from professional cooling lubricant maintance.

              Start today, reduce operating costs and increase productivity.