Dosing technology and accessories

Our offer ranges from dosing pumps, hoses, spray lances and transport trolleys to complete dosing systems and accessories. We help you with the planning and construction of your plant, because dosing is our job.

Thanks to our many years of experience in technical, analytical and biochemical chemistry, we are experts in handling liquids and the associated requirements.

Simple operation and maintenance


Proportional dosing unit

Dosatron dosing pumps

DOSATRON's current-independent proportional dosing units precisely dose liquids for a wide range of tasks. With versions for alkaline, acidic and highly aggressive media up to the explosion-proof ATEX series level 0-20. From the dosing of cooling lubricants, the dosing of cleaning agents and disinfectants to liquid fertilization in horticulture and medicines in animal husbandry, the applications are as versatile as your requirements

Highest precision

and simple operation-

Dosing pumps from Iwaki

IWAKI's electromagnetic metering pumps combine advanced pump technology with the latest electrical engineering at a reasonable price. With best chemical resistance and easy maintenance, the wide range of types allows to offer the right pump for almost every dosing application.
Iwaki Dosierpumpe
eOne Membrandosierpumpe

Low-cost and robust

Dosing pumps from Etatron

Etatron pumps for the accurate and uncomplicated dosing of chemicals, which can be installed in both pressurised and non-pressurised systems with the aid of a diaphragm. The materials used for their manufacture (PP, PVDF, PVC, AISI), have a high resistance to a wide range of aggressive chemicals and can easily dose concentrated acids, alkalis, complex organic and inorganic compounds.

Dosing accessories and equipment

We offer a wide range of accessories and equipmentfor our dosing systems. Spare or add-on parts such as pressure reducers, check valves, dosing valves, agitators, hoses and various additional equipment can be found in our online shop.

Dosing systems planned and constructed for you

Let us help you with your task.
Besides our individual systems we also offer
Standard solutions.

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Pump Technology

We offer them a wide range of pump technology for chemical, water and sewage applications. From chemical and pharmaceutical industries to a large number of applications in environmental engineering, irrigation and building services.