EMEC PRIUS D MON 50 Hz 1-phase alternating current motor driven metering pump PVDF Model 5212

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    Material dosing head: PVDF | Hydraulic connection (PVDF, PVC, PP): 1 1/2 Zoll
    30 mm | Hydraulic connection (AISI 316): R 1 Zoll | Pressure: 5 | Dosing performance: 212

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    PRIUS D MON - 50 Hz 1-phase AC motor-driven metering pump PVDF model 5212

    Order number : 5212

    Motor-driven metering pump PRIUS D MF - 50-60 HZ SINGLE-PHASE

    The PRIUS series of Metring dosing pumps have been specially designed and developed by EMEC to meet the requirements of high dosing. The powerful, high dosing together with the safe chemical resistance guarantees the highest reliability. Features of the PRIUS D MF 50/60 Hz with SINGLE-PHASE supply: 9 operating modes (continuous, ppm, %, mlq, pause, weekly, mA, volt and batch), fill level control, alarm indicators, standby, electronics with two positions (standard or rotated mounting), PTFE diaphragm, aluminium housing, spring return mechanism, manual vent valve (pump heads in PVDF and PP), flow regulator, double ball valve and dosing heads in various sizes and materials. In addition, the PRIUS D MF 50/60 Hz multi-function motor pump with SINGLE-PHASE MOTOR has an LCD display and an electronic signal generator for easy operation and maximum accuracy when setting the dosing.


    3/4'' injection hose,1/2'' foot filter with 13 mm (inner diameter) hose connection 1/2'' foot filter with 13 mm (inner diameter) hose connection,PVDF pressure hose (13X16 PVDF or 12x18 PVC),PVDF suction hose (13X16 PVDF or 12x18 PVC)

    Technique. Details

    Technical details
    Model. 5212
    Pressure [bar]
    Dosing capacity [l/h]
    Stroke frequency [H/min]
    Stroke length [mm]
    6 mm
    Engine power [kW]
    CP UM
    Hydraulic connection (PVDF, PVC, PP)
    1 1/2" 30 mm
    Hydraulic connection (AISI 316) R 1"


    Double ball valve

    PTFE membrane

    Aluminium casing

    spring return mechanism

    Manual bleed valve (PVDF and PP pump heads)

    Flowing ends available in different sizes and materials


    Dual electronic control position (standard or alternative gear position)


    mode: constant - ppm - % - mlq - pause mode - weekly - mA - volt - batch


    Level check



    0.37 kW: 3-PHASE MOTOR 230 V 1370 g/min

    0,18 kW: 3-PHASE MOTOR 230 V 1350 g/min