Drinking water analysis

Service for drinking water plants in industrial buildings

Water sampling 

in accordance with the Drinking Water Ordinance (TWVO):

Sampling for laboratory tests may only be carried out by samplers with proven expertise. We provide certified samplers for water sampling in cooperation with the Laborzentrum Ettlingen (Laboratory Centre Ettlingen). All necessary parameters for the fulfilment of the TWVO can be examined.

Hazard analysis

If significant defects are detected during the inspection of a drinking water installation, the legislator prescribes an expert hazard analysis. We carry out a qualified analysis in accordance with VDI6023.

Plant disinfection

In the event of bacterial contamination of the pipeline network, we quickly disinfect with a mobile dosing system in accordance with the recommendations of the Federal Environment Agency. Of course, we also inspect the installed piping system during preparation and locate the causes of the contamination problem.  In larger rental properties, we also provide the necessary information for the tenants.

By the way, the duty to monitor drinking water goes far beyond the mere control of Legionella infestation. Please contact your local health authority for more information. In this question - what to examine, how often - we will of course be happy to support you.

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