Hygiene Inspection

Hygienic inspection in accordance with VDI6022 for (ventilation and air conditioning) ventilation systems

Our employees are experts according to VDI6022 a and b and have tested numerous air conditioning systems in recent years. If necessary, we carry out a well-founded weak-point analysis and consultation in addition to the inspection.

VDI 6022 – Air filter sytems

Air filter systems were/are often the cause of health problems for building users. The best known and most serious consequences of poorly maintained air conditioning systems are respiratory infections caused by Legionella and mould. Therefore, the legislator now prescribes compliance with VDI6022.

VDI 6022 prescribes expert knowledge tests for maintenance technicians and system inspectors and specifies inspection intervals. Our employees carry out hygiene tests according to VDI 6022 (a). Particularly in the case of old plants, we supplement the prescribed inspection with simplified plant recording and prior consultation of the specialists entrusted with the cleaning measures. As a rule, the frequency of post-cleaning measures and damage to plants as a result of incorrect cleaning measures can be significantly reduced.

Comfort test

Within the framework of DIN EN 13779, procedures for the qualitative assessment of system performance are specified for the operation of air conditioning systems in non-residential buildings (department stores, office buildings, ...) in addition to regular technical inspections, often described in simplified form as comfort inspections.

Gross deviations from the standard values can cause complaints - draughts, cold feet ... damp walls, mould. The cause can often be identified and rectified by measurement.

Similar problems occur increasingly in modern or modernised residential buildings and we are happy to help you identify the causes with our expertise.

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