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Analysis needs for laboratory and production

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We provide products used to analyze water-soluble metalworking fluids in accordance with TRGS 611, products to inspect lubricants and hydraulic oils to laboratories and manufacturers, and hygienic inspection services of air filter systems in accordance with VDI 6022. All items are available ex works.

Contact Slides

for sampling airborne germs and testing surface hygiene for air filter system tests in accordance with VDI6022.

Dip Slides

for monitoring total bacterial counts in water soluble cooling lubricants, cooling tower water and humidifier water in air filter systems in accordance with VDI6022.

profluid KSS-Kombitest

(test strips with indicator fields for pH, water hardness and nitrite, 100 test strips in a practical aluminum tube) This combination test simplifies monitoring of water-soluble cooling lubricants. The measurement areas are adjusted to common water-cooling lubricant blends. pH and nitrite are prescribed measurement parameters under TRGS 611. The additional display of water hardness with a measurement range of up to 50°dH frequently helps with foaming and corrosion problems. Significantly simplified handling and price are clear advantages over single test strips.

Quantofix® Lubricheck 

Test strips for quickly controlling the concentrations of industrial cleaners and water soluble cooling lubricants.


are the best aid for controlling the concentrations of water-soluble cooling lubricants. However, we offer not only trusted refractometers, but also a replacement cover if the old one is damaged or lost. The base material used in our refractometers is copper (high thermal capacity, good heat conductivity), which makes it possible to quickly set the sample temperature, resulting in fewer disruptions due to changing temperature.

Corrosion tests

for monitoring cleaners and cooling lubricants.

profluid CorrSet

The test is based on the well-known gray cast iron chip test (DIN51360-2 , see below). The CorrSet can be used to inspect the corrosive properties of water and cooling lubricant blends and cleaners even outside of a laboratory in about 2 hours. In case of doubt, this helps save valuable time to initiate corrosion protection measures to prevent rust on gray cast iron and steel on products and/or machines.

Gray cast iron chips

DIN 51360-2 (Herbert test) “Corrosion preventing properties of water-soluble cooling lubricants”